Panda UFO Game Story

This game is designed to entice players to explore the universe through the view of the cute Panda. Flying in the UFO, the cute Panda is exploring the universe, it loves UFO but they are surrounded by Alien Creatures, you must destroy them to collect the UFO for Panda. The game set in a background of beautiful sky of the planet. It is full of Alien Creatures surrounding the UFO.

Panda UFO is not another quick reaction type of game, not only it relied on your reflex but keep calm is a tactic to win in this game. With Panda UFO simple ONE TAP to shoot action, destroying the Alien Creatures are easy if you can shoot at the right moment. Don’t hit the UFO or it is game over!

Game music is designed with planets theme for you to immerse in a deep space environment and composed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) software.
You will get a set of iMessage stickers of cute Panda UFO to share with friends on iPhone and iPad.

Panda UFO - Game Tip - Shoot Aliens

Panda UFO - FREE game tip - shoot aliens and avoid shooting alien flashing explosive trap!

Panda UFO - FREE game available now on iOS & Android

Panda UFO is a challenging fast paced arcade game. Use your reaction skills to destroy all Alien Creatures and collect UFO for Panda.

Panda loves flying the UFO and explore the planets in the universe. Blast and shoot the Alien Creatures to release the trapped UFO.

Key features:

Panda UFO - New Halloween Planet

Halloween Planet of Ghost Alien Creatures! Ready for the challenge? Get it now on AppStore

Panda UFO - Game Preview

Kiwi Hobo Run

Kiwi Hobo Run is an action-packed fantasy platform game in an illusion labyrinth wonderland. Jump, Run, Shoot, collect Kiwi fruits and Energy. Don’t worry about dying – you have infinite lives and time, but the Energy is limited, so be careful. Otherwise you will lingering and wander in the wonderland forever.

In Kiwi Hobo Run you control the lovely alien creatures, they are friendly, agile and love Kiwifruits. They come from the KiwiPlanet which is a far far away extragalactic planet. Their spaceships had crashed on earth, they had been scattered everywhere. Now they have to find their ways by running through the labyrinths to get on the balloon, and that will take them back to the spaceship. They need to collect enough Energy and Kiwi fruits along the way to find a way through the labyrinths for the chance to be home.

Kiwi Hobo Run game now on App Store and Google Play

Kiwi Hobo Run game trailer 3

Kiwi Hobo Run game trailer 2

Kiwi Hobo Run game trailer

Kiwi Hobo Run Game Sticker Pack

Get your stickers of the game Kiwi Hobo Run. LINE Chat with your friends with these cute stickers.

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